Matthias Arnold

Munich / Germany
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Matthias Arnold, self portrait
German Version
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Born 1947 in Kassel, Germany.
1966 - 1971 study in different German cities.
1973 - 1975 scholarship of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft".
Travels for studies to New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and other cities.
Since 1976 living in Munich, Germany.
Arnold participated in various exhibitions. His works have been bought for private and public collections.

About the Artist
Arnold tries to paint as abstract as possible and and as figurative as necessary. His way is the small path between both extreme positions.

Arnold prefers as subjects for his pictures landscapes and flowers, but there exist also some figure and portrait paintings in his work. He is practizing most of the common techniques - oil, acrylic, gouache, water colour, ink, pastel, chalk, charcoal, pencil etc. - often creating in series. The artworks shown here are only a small selection. More examples or offers by request from the artist.

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