Helmut Baur, kinetic sculptor
kinetic - visionary machines

D - 40670 Meerbusch-Strümp
Liegnitzer Str. 35
+49 2159 - 80100
Fax: +49 2159 7478
Web: baur-kinetik.de

Helmut Baur
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1936 born in Duesseldorf, Germany
Training as toolmaker followed by a study of Electrical Engineering which resulted in an Masters Degree in Engineering. Then in business until 1991. For 18 of those years working in his own successful firm.
Since 1992 full time artist.
Since 1992 single- and group exhibitions in Germany, Holland, Italy and England.

More about Helmut Baur and his kinetic sculptures you can find on his homepage www.baur-kinetik.de.

About the artist

Even if the steel of Baur’s kinetics often seems raw and old: he only uses new steel because it has the catalytic qualities that he can’t find in old steel. After finishing a work of art he intentionally makes it look aged. Sometimes it takes several months until the complicated combination of material, form, movement and association they provoke form an harmonious work of art. Watching his sculptures Baur would like you to experience peace and harmony deep inside you.

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