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Artist’s Statement

I was born and grew up in Munich. My father painted and had a technical profession, my mother did poems. Artistically I was encouraged and supported for my efforts in the arts from both my mother and father. But they became concerned as it is difficult to make money in the arts. However, even attending a convent school and bank training (against will) could not slow me down. Although I was successful in my work, a conventional and conformed life seemed too limiting. I regularly shocked bankers and others with outrageous outfits, but interestingly enough, to some of them I still have a good contact. My artistically experimental phase at that time still comes in useful today in many fields.

My art is my obsession and is inspired by my many exotic travels. Through my artwork I want to express "joy of living", influence the positive aspects with colors and shapes, stimulate the fantasy. I believe in the course of the exotic, erotic, experimentalism, ecology and humor.

I don't have a so-called leisure time. I am happy each time, if I can manage to visit a fitness studio with the motto: "Iron makes beautiful..." (I just train with equipment). An aesthetic body has a special fascination for me as an artist. Therefore I like to visit ballet performances to study the beautifully shaped, muscle defined bodies in motion apart from the choreography. Female and male eroticism, too, plays of course a role in my art. The stimulus for the erotic I take out of live since I am interested in fringe groups, too. In my studio (voyeurism is pure there and does not disturb me then) I translate it artisticly - or in artwork, room installations or photo sessions.

On the basis of labor-intensive projects over the last years my watersports "fell, literally, into water". To relax I meditate sporadically, go to clubs to "air my brain" and dance a lot. While I like a variety of music, Hip-Hop, Black Beat, Soul and southamerican rhythms remain my favorits.

Born in Munich
1988 Development of the present painting to the Neon Picture Object
(combination of painting, collages, 3-dimensional elements and neonlight)
1992 Series: "Sky, Clouds and Metalic Bodies" with original airplane pieces
1994 First neon sculpture

Stays abroad in Africa, China, Canada, Caribbean, Central- and South America, South Sea,- Thailand and the U.S.A.

Works on commission and complimentary operas of Chris Bleicher are in private collections, at industrial companies and in the airplane museum "Museo Caproni" in Trento, Italy

Design for silver jewelry

Solo Shows and Events (Selection)
1992 Galerie Inter Art, Munich - "The Crocodile in the Cocktailglass" with performance
1993 Hypobank, Munich - Event with African live music
Bundeswehruniversität (= University of the Army), Neubiberg - Event for "Children in the War" of UNICEF
Penta-Hotel, Freising - "The Chicken in the Cockpit" with Chicken-Hypnosis-Performance
1994 Mercedes-Benz, Munich
1995 Nachtcafé, Munich - Happening "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar" with Tombola
in favour of UNICEF; Pre-event in the Gasteig Kulturzentrum (= Cultural Center), Munich
1998 Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunn (= name of Zoo), Munich - "The Pike in the Monkey's House"
Forum der Technik, Deutsches Museum (= Forum of the Technology, German Museum), Munich - "Chris Bleicher - Brother Van Gogh" with Coffin-Performance and Sunflower-Happening with 14.000 (!) sunflowers for opening reception of "Van Goghs Night"
1999 Gasthaus am Rosengarten (= name of location) and following Westpark, Munich - start of the nationwide project "Ray of Hope": Performance with Sundance and the "Isarnixen" (= Munich Waterballet), 100 m (3900") long lightchain with 2000 lights on top of the watersurface of the Lake Westpark from shore to shore as a bridge between the centuries with Happening
Italy, 1994 Museo Caproni, Trento (airplane museum) - Registered in the Historic Archive of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome
France, 1996 Atrium Art Deco, Strasbourg
USA, 1997 New Arts Salon & Studios, Philadelphia - Performance "The Devil Rests in Paradise"

Group Shows (Selection)
1992 Flugwerft des Deutschen Museums (= name of the airplane department of the German Museum), Oberschleissheim near Munich
Frauenmuseum (= Womens Museum), Bonn
1993 ZAM Zentrum für aussergewöhnliche Museen (= Center for Extraordinary Museums), Munich
France, 1997 Palais de la découverte, Paris
Italy, 1994 Galleria Arts Nouveaux, Verona
Centro Promozione Artistica, Verona
USA, 1997 Abney Gallery, New York
New Art From Israel Gallery, New York - "The Cultural Exchange"
USA, 1998 World Fine Art Gallery, New York - "The Inter-Cultural Exchange"
USA, 1999 The Alternative Museum, New York - Millenium Juried Exhibition "Luminous Energy"
USA, 2000 Artists for Art The Afa Gallery, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Others, 1997 The Bamboo Gallery, Providenciales (Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies)