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Art Lover's Trophy
Chris Bleicher

Animated Neon Picture Object
1997 / 42 cm x 46 cm x 18 cm / 90 KB download

Most artists' services on Internet have a commercial background. Nevertheless - and in spite of the high expenses they have - some of them show social indication compared with what they charge and what they render to the artists supported by them. Nearly all common awards given to websites target on high technical quality, performance and promotional efforts of a website. This is why the artist Chris Bleicher created the ART LOVER'S TROPHY, given to those artists' web services who fulfil an efficient service by reasonable charges and give liberty to the artist her/himself. The trophy will be given only 12 times, beginning from May 1998. The decision for awarding a website will be made enjoying equal rights by Chris Bleicher, Igo Kirchlechner (both council members of ShopArt) und the Webmaster/Director of the last artsite having been awarded.

The "Art Lover's Trophy" winner ...

... of May 1998 was Robert Varner and his fantastic DOUBLETAKE GALLERY, USA.

... of June 1998 were for equal part Seiji Ueoka, Japan, Aleksi Aaltonen, Finnland, and
Gerald O' Connel, Great Britain, for their great Artists' WebRing Project RENAISSANCE 2001.

... of July 1998 was Gerd Marstedt - a cultural pioneer on the German internet -
and his cosmopolite FINE SITE. Unfortunately Gerd may be obliged to cancel his site because of lack of sponsors. So don't miss to have a look in now.

... of August 1998 was Pat Fleisher and her ARTFOCUS CYBERGALLERY in Toronto, Canada. Besides webmastering it, Pat is the publisher of the quarterly ARTFOCUS MAGAZINE for artists, and the organizer of an annual artists' show, the last of it happened on Oct. 1998 in the Galleria of BCE Place, Toronto.

... of September 1998 was Marina Maye and her very informative and ambitioned artsite
ART WORLDWIDE GALLERY based in Toronto, Canada.

... of October 1998 was Olga Romano and Worldwide ArtXpo in California, USA.
ArtXpo is one of the first Californian artsites, giving a comprehensive survey to its visitors on the fine arts and the art scene in general. And - moreover - it gives very useful hints to online artists, how to improve their own survival efforts in the universe of the www.

... of November 1998 was Pygoya and her LASTPLACE.COM artsite on Hawaii, USA.
Pygoya herself is one of the multitalents on the web, being an artist herself, a great organizer and a highly skilled html-wizzard as well. She made LASTPLACE to be a forum to demonstrate the value of cyberart now and in near future. Artists mentioned in her WebMuseum for free may be provided with more exposure and common interest than they may have dreamed of.

... of December 1998 was Kathy Kahre and ArtQuest in St. Louis, USA.
Admitted: awarding ArtQuest here may be something like a cat flattering a lion. ArtQuest exists for long and there may be nobody surfing the web for the fine arts, not knowing ArtQuest and never having clicked in. In other words: ArtQuest from its beginning was the State-Of-The-Art-Website, offering information and services on fine arts on global internet, and still is.

... of January 1999 were for equal part Sylvia Politz, Bettina Wiese, Markus Luecke and Karsten Weimann and their big culture and art project CELADON.NET, homebased in Germany. CELADON came up recently, however it seems that CELADON may become something like Noah's Ark on Internet - not only for European art and artists. So have a look in and be anxious how it may develope.

... of Mai 1999 is Apaarjeet Chopra and her wonderful artsite SHALINART.
Webworking in Thailand from Februar to April 99, we were invited to have a look into a virtual art gallery in India. - It was not only the widespread line of India's fine arts that impressed us - traditional, modern and even antiques. It was also the power and enthusiasm of a Lady over there in the second world, keeping some contemporary Indian artists on the surface and selling their art. The estimation for art in India unfortunately may be similar with Thai Art: Should be cheap, as the everage incomb over there is only 150 - 200 $ US a month. Nevertheless, Shalinart furnishes proof, that a good piece of art is the same in quality and value, wherever it may have been produced. And Shalinart offers their artists a marketing, which is up to best business standard, success guaranteed. Please have a look into and find out, if we are right or wrong.

Congratulations to them all !

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