Eckhard Bortz, Classic Car Painter
nostalgic car paintings

209/115 Budsarin Village
Soi 8/2 Moo 3 Bankruay-Trainoi Rd.
T. Phimolrat / A. Ban Buatong
Nonthaburi 11110, THAILAND

+66 (0) 2923 3338 - Mobile: +66 (0) 84708-7602

Eckhard Bortz
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Born 1940 in Stettin / Pommern.
1945 searching refuge with my parents in Tessin / Rostock (Eastern Germany) and grown up there.
1954 moved to Ulm (Western Germany) und there attending a bricklayer's apprenticeship. Final examn 1958.
Later advancing to housebuilding master. Since 1972 building site supervisor at the University Administration, Ulm, and employed also by a private house building company.
Retired March 2000. Since 2005 living in Thailand.

Artist's Statement

As it seems I inherited some talents in painting and drawing from my father. He being a taylor often made drawings in advance before he started to pruduce new dresses. When attending school I often wandered that my teacher took some of my school paintings - mostly flowers - home and never brought them back.

If financially possible, I would have liked to study arts or have an education for graphic designer. However my parants where not able to pay for it, so I learned a bricklayer's profession. Nevertheless, if ever i had some time left, I just painted or drew for myself without any ambition to exhibit them, only giving them away as gifts for friends who liked them.

When in 1992 I lost my job for a longer period, I had more time and started to paint what I loved most: Classic and Oldtimer Cars. I collected pictures of them wherever I could find, however often quite small and only in black and white. It were their shapes and lines which inspired me and finally let me develop a painting technique to revitalize them as shining and glittering as they may have been in reality.

Till now it are about 700 different vehicles I painted this way. But I had to reduce it now, as my backbones do not allow me to sit upright painting for a longer time. Eckhard Bortz, April 2009

Some visitors asked for a brochure showing a selection of Eckhard’s vehicles. If you click the single pages below they will maximize and you can print them in DIN-A4 size.
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