Dr. Vera Botova
Painted Phantasies

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Vera Botova
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Born in Cenral-Kasachstan, school, attended private courses in drawing and painting.
1969 - 1973 studied physics and mathematics at the University of Kasachstan.
1982 Ph.D. in physics.
Since 1994 living with her family in Germany.
Exhibitions: 1993 - Group Exhibition in Budapest ++ 1999 - Single Exhibition Galerie 33, Essen ++ 2000 - Group Exhibition, Joanna's Villaggio, Köln ++ 2001 - Group Exhibition, Kornelius Galerie, Aachen-Kornelimünster / 3. International Artfair, Zürich / Bienale Internazionale del Arte Contemporanea, Florenz ++ 2002 - Group Exhibition, Galerie Stricker, Aachen / Group Exhibition, Atelier Plus, Düsseldorf ++ 2003 - Group Exhibition, Atelier Plus, Düsseldorf / Single Exhibition, Sparkasse, Schieder-Schwalenberg, / Single Exhibition, A Kasteyev Arts Museum of Kazakstan, Alma-Ata. ++ 2004 - Single Exhibition in Kasachstan, Gallery "Schachar" in Alma-Ata / Single Exhibition "Visions in the Light" in Aachen-Kornelimünster; Kornelius Gallery ++ 2005 - 48. Exhibition of the European Society of Professional Fine Artists from Eifel und Ardennes in Prüm / Single Exhibition "Transformation" in Aachen, Art in the Fronleichnams Church.

About the Artist
As a child Vera Botova developed her capability for puting her fantasies on paper. One of her young dreams was to become an artist. The dream did follow the hard reality of establishing herself as a physicist. During her daily work as a physicist she always found a way to bring her fantasies onto canvas and also attended a school for painting in Central Kasachstan.
In 1994 her husband was sent to Germany by the Kasachstan government as commerce attache. From this time on Vera Botova could devote all her time to painting. Since then she has the time to continue her earlier work as physiscist by the art, combining in her motives spritual as well as mythological aspects.

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