Uta Dirks
tapestry - embroideries
restoration works

Schirmgasse 276
D - 84028 Landshut
+49 871 28342
Uta Dirks
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1945 born in Bad Godesberg.
1963 - 1965 apprenticeship as glas-paintress
1965-1970 Polytechnic of Art and Design, Cologne, at Prof. Kaldenhoff. department of textile and art, finished with Master Degree.
1970 - 1973 pattern designer for an embroderies manufactory in Basel, Switzerland.
1974 - 1983 working for the Rhineland Tile Industrie, Bonn, as decor-designer und as desingner in a Landshut weaving mill.
Since 1984 working on her own as an independent artist and on restoration. works.
Exhibitions in Landshut, Regensburg, Munich and Berlin.

About the Artist

"The tapestries of Uta Dirks are pieces of colour art suggesting her sense for aesthetics, sensivity and critical reflection on her personal experience. In a mind-boggling beautyful combination of perls and varying shades of blue, the artist has woven pictures of the earth as they may present only to the eyes of an astronaut. Made of wool, partly embroidered, her tapestries are more than mere textile decoration.
Affectionate admiration, high esteem, and the acclaim of experts is shown to her in different printed media, on the radio and in TV. The "Textile Art International", Hannover, wrote 1987: "Uta Dirks is in every respect up to the objectives of art, i.e. to reveal what is concealed, to perceive movements and vibrations of the present and the future and to transform them into creative work as timeless and expressive documents."
Having dwelled on the fields of activity and the abilities of the artist, I would like to add the following: Here we can see a graphical force that - apart from handycraft - displays by her distribution af light and colour, her compositions and her choreographic use of space exactly those features which have always made tapestry a truly majestic art.
" Hans Thoma

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