Hans Gerd Doneck
constructivistic paintings

Bahnhofstrasse 10
54316 Pluwig/Trier
phone: +49 6588 688

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1936 born in Celle. As a boy he was fascinated by the natural sciences as much as by music and the other Fine Arts. He often visited museums and galleries and was especially impressed in the bold colours of Modern Art.
He took lessons in painting and drawing, determined to discover the secrets inherent in colour. It is therefore hardly surprising that as an adult he first worked in, and later became a manager in various paint factories.
In 1977 he founded his own Colour Laboratory, developing, analysing and experimenting with thousands of colours, at the same time pursuing his own art into the early hours of the next morning.
As a member of the "Culture Workshop Trier", Hans-Gerd Doneck has been regularly exhibiting his constructivistic paintings since 1988, in Germany as well as abroad.
Exhibitions in Germany. Doneck’s works have been acquired by the "State Gallery of Witebsk", the city of the Russian constructivistic Painters Malewitsch, Puni & Vera Ermolaewa.
About the artist

Oil painting is the consistent conversion of feelings, passions and life-experiences into colour. Apart from symbolic renderings of flowers, Doneck most often paints three-dimensional colour forms which merge into each other and are set apart from a white background. Using but a few basic colours he can mix an entire palette of pastel hues as delicate as a Japanese garden in Springtime, or deep and intensive colours that possess the explosive strength and violence of the dawning of creation. Sometimes he paints white structures sparsely differentiated with areas of colour - paintings of timeless aesthetic appeal. Doneck, with his recognisable style, geometric forms and unusual colour combinations is considered to be the founder of "Flex-Art". His progressive, cosmopolitan works can be found in companies’ and private collections.