Dumrong Poosuwan
Photorealist and Portrait Painter

Sukhumvit, 525 Moo 13, Soi 79
Nongprue / Banglamung
20150 Chonburi / Thailand

Web: www.shopart.com/dumrong
Mobile: +66 (0)85 7635 152
E-Mail: shopartcontactatgmail.com

Dumrong Poosuwan

Born 1962 in Korath, North-Eastern Thailand.
1982 - 1985 studied Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Korath.

1986 - 2003 working in Pattaya under contract of different art studios. The last 10 years only for the Suwit Gallery in the Royal Garden Shopping Center.
Becoming famous for his exact and sensible kind of painting, Dumrong was often requested for from customers not knowing his name, but remembering his dark skin colour, as "the black artist". This is the reason why Dumrong started to sign his commissioned works with the name "Black".

Since 2004 working as an independent artist and opening his own small studio in the Artists’ Street on the left side of Mike’s Shopping Mall near Pattaya Beach Road. Also teaching young artists in portrait painting and oilpainting in general.

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