The ShopArt site is team project of 70 international artists, showing more than 4000 paintings and sculptures. Art for sale directly from the artists personally.
Many things we do are not important but necessary.
The Fine Arts are not necessary but important.

Welcome to ShopArt!  The Shop Art virtual gallery offers artists an internet platform and the webpromotion of artworks for an annual member fee of 50 EuroGerman version
The ShopArt virtual art exhibition shows gobelins, tapestries, art murals, pastels, ink drawings,
portraits, erotic art, Russian art, Thai art, neon art, murals, frescos, modern contemporary art paintings, 
photorealism, fineart, aquarell, watercolor, water colour, etchings, gouache, impressionist, oil paintings,
collages, neon, art with neon, modern art, artworks, artistsgallery, art pieces, graphic design, art performances, mixed media, neorealist, constructivist, postmodern, naive, cat paintings, illustrators, art pieces, art graphic designers, body printings, realistic art, surreal art, surrealism, 
impressionistic art, impressionism, sculptures, sculptors, wood sculptors, steel design, art galleries, art for sale, 
exhibitions, Kho Tao, koh tao, Koh Samui, zeitgenössische moderne Kunst, zeitgenössische Malerei, Portraitmalerei, Kunstausstellung, Kunst, Künstler, Maler, Bildhauerplease set bookmark and come again
Art comes to life through the individual
handwork of an artist. The variety of feelings produced by a work of art can be as large as the number of viewers.
Only the future will show which works of art in the continuous flow of creativity will emerge above the others and last.
Igo Kirchlechner, President of ShopArt e.V., Munich, Germany

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