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Studio: Birkerfeld 3
D - 83627 Warngau
Phone: +49 8024 6083987


Cornelia Hammans
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Born 1955 in Bonn, Germany. Completed a business course in 1977.
1978-1985 worked in the Langenbach studio of the Dusseldorf Academy of Art on decorative ceramics - Germany.
1980 u. 1981 act drawing with Mr. Ernemann Sander, Bonn.
1987-1993 worked on human figures in the studio of Mrs. Sigrid W. Mathews at the Stuttgart Art Academy, Germany.
Since 1990 works in her own studio south of Munich, Germany.
1993 workshop with Mrs. Maria Gezeler in Kecskemet, Hungaria.
Autumn 2005 - Workshop Villa Romana, Florence, Italy.
Exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and USA.

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Artist's Statement

"From the beginning my central interest lay on the human figure. And from ancient times it was the human body to be the basis for all sculpturing. Even today along with all other competing categories of the fine arts there is still room enough for concern with sculptures of the human body.
Instead following the present trend of modern design I try to be true to my own style, working mainly without any drawing plans. Usually I have the form in my mind - or spontaneously decide it when starting a new artwork.
My sculptures until now have all been formed out of clay and then were given to the craftsman to cast the bronze. I prefer working on female bodies because their soft lines help me expressing harmony and closeness. When I work with a model the person serves only as an introductory inspiration for the final work. My aim is the free form. So my sculptures are meant to have a universal general identity, not represening the individual model.
My earlier works are very subdued, alive but withdrawn within themselves. In the course of time they became more open, showing clear forcefulness, an intensity of form but also a quiet poetry, calmness and harmony by their round silhouettes and soft lines.
The smooth surface avoiding all work-traces should tempt the observer touching the strange medium of the statues, removing all reluctance to do so.
The hand should assist the eye to see."
Cornelia Hammans

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