Heinz Herzog-Silesia
surreal-symbolistic paintings

Stensängsv. 3 a
14137 Huddinge / Sweden

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Heinz Herzog-Silesia

Biographydeutsche Version

The sun gives us light, life and colour.
Without sun there is neither warmth nor joy.

1931 born in Reichenbach, Schlesien.
1946, since suffering deportation, the artist has been constantly travelling, by land, sea and air, everywhere at home.
He is self-taught and studied art privately. Membership of the "Club International des Beaux-Arts", Marseilles.
Exhibitions in France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

About the Artist
"There is a natural close relationship between this Swedish-German citizen Heinz Herzog-Silesia and Nature, and from this originates his modesty in not presuming to improve it. His style - or better, his genre - is concerned with life itself, whose positive aspects he chooses to paint and underscore by using a light palette. He is as well accomplished as a graphic artists and as a painter, so it is no surprise to find both of these aspects combined in his work. He likes to paint on the spur of the moment, wherever and whenever the mood and inspiration takes him. Heinz Herzog-Silesia is a man who detests monotony and lives a life of freedom. He knows how to live, which is transmitted in his painting in a most stimulating and agreeable way." Zurich Zeitung. Aug. 1987

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