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Helga Hornung
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1949 born in Adelsberg, Unterfranken.
Since 1979 freelance artist in Munich.
In September 1998 Helga Hornung’s first picture book for children was published on Rex-Verlag, Luzern: "The little Lalu". The texts are added with Bliss-Symbols, which will be easily understood by not speaking children and those who are mentally disordered. ISBN: 3-7252-0680-5. This book has been translated into several languages.
1999 awarded by the International Board of Books for Young People for her book "The Little Lalu".
On October 2000 Helga Hornung’s second picture book for children was published: "Lalu and the creation of the world", ISBN: 3-7252-0700-3
On August 2004 Helga Hornung’s third Picture Children's Book with Bliss-Symbols was published: "Lalu and his Angel". ISBN: 3-7252-0767-4, app. 15,80 Euro
Member of the BBK (German Federation of Professional Artists).
Exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA.
For more details see Helga Hornung’s homepage www.helga-hornung.de.

About the artist

"Helga Hornung’s technique is to mix pulverised pigments with acrylic medium and apply this in many layers to the canvas. In this way her paintings come to possess an intense luminosity as well as enamel-like surfaces. Deep, rich blues and brilliant yellows are her most important colours and yet despite the colour displays and the cheerfulness of her works, it is the suffering caused by man's destruction of natural environments that is the driving force behind her artistic endeavours. "I paint in order to compensate an inner sadness and to show myself and perhaps others that human beings and nature only have a future if reconciled." Sueddeutsche Zeitung, April 1995.

"...People and animals are Helga Hornung’s preferred subjects that she presents in the simplest possible way. At first glance they carry you into a world of feelings which appeals to grown ups and children equally .... Some pictures were created for Helga Hornungs's picture books about little Lalu - a lonely child that meets a Moon prince. As a result gains the ability to discover nature and make freinds. What is special about the book is that in addition to the normal text it contains symbols - Bliss Symbols - which can be understood by the mentally handicapped .... " Solinger Tagblatt, March 2000

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