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Krewinkel 101
D-52224 Stolberg
+49 2402 73625
Mobile: +49 172 6884808
Web: jittemann.de
E-Mail: mailatjittemann.de
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Guido Rombach alias "Jittemann" was born 2/15/1967 in Stolberg, Germany
Convinced autodidact and since 1995 readyness for public presentation of his artworks.
Since 1998 member of "Societas Ars Erotica Nova" and contact person for Germany.
Since 1998 member of FJK (Promotional Association of Young Art).
Since 1999 member of "Art Beyond Borders", an international artists’ organization.
Since 1999 member of "Verbund Kunstwerk", Frankfurt/Main.
Since 1999 member of "Art Goes Public", Hamburg.
Single and group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Singapore, Canada and USA.

Artist's Statement: Since a crucial experience during weeding in the parental garden instinctive working. Tinkering busy on the career as painterking, always with the aim, to slap the spirit of the world through form and colour right into the face.

About the artist

Jittemann’s theme is the human being as an individual - his urges, feelings, moods... and the human society with its light and dark sides. He places it as a caricature, in its sweet esthete, - from comical, witty to critical, heretical. In his work Jittemann expresses news, experiences and values as an artist. On the one hand laying the moral index into the wounds of the human race, on the other hand, reminding man with a smile not to take himself and his role too seriously. Life is only a game.

Jittemann’s work is arranged in a self developed technique. First he creates spontaneous, quick drawn sketches. The ideas are subconscious and are thrown eruptively on paper, then transfered on a coated wooden board and developed in an extravagant, time consuming precision-work in paint. He creates his works of art by means of varnish and the special process, which appear as an enamel metal surface or glazed, fired ceramics. The colourdness is very intensive and the pictures are extremely effective. Not only does the viewer see an imaginery room with characters in the picture - the picture as such is real. The observer gains the impression that his characters would instantly jump out of the picture.

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