Susanna Kiehling
paintings showing the play of light and shade

Hauptstr. 24
D - 82266 Inning a. Ammersee
+49 89 38590650

Susanna Kiehling
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Born 1961 in Marburg/Lahn.
Citizen of Germany, Austria and U.S.A. Mother of three children.
High Diploma in Psychology (Social- und Economy Psychologie).
Self tought, independent art painter.
One woman shows and group exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Artist's Statement

"Since early childhood I have been eager to express my thoughts in pictures, painting at every occasion: filling my diary with drawings, sketching ancient statues in a museum or even waiting at the airport.
Painting and drawing is not a foreign language I had to learn, it is my mother tongue.
When painting two themes fascinate me the most: Elusive aspects of nature that are difficult to express such as wind, light and shadow or water reflections. Especially because these are the aspects of nature that arouse our emotions. And secondly: The narrow borderline between realistic and abstract painting. If I paint a desert or a log it is difficult to decide if the result is a landscape painting or an abstract painting
" Susanna Kiehling

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