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"Summer Storm" - watercolour, 40 x 27 cm

Art cooperation with Hong Sa-Cheon

"Summer Storm" painted by Hong Sa-Cheon
oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm
signed Hong and Alan Kirkland-Roath
15.000 Thai Baht / Limit of 10 in the series.

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Some time ago someone came to my studio to have a look at all of my paintings. He particularly admired the painting shown here as he found it amusing, and thought it a little cheeky! He asked me if it was possible to have a larger size of this image painted in oils. I guess I could have done it, but copying one’s own work is not such a good feeling for an artist of any discipline. So, on this occasion I had to disappoint my customer.
Nevertheless, I did not forget about this customer’s request, and a few weeks later I was introduced to Hong Sa-Cheon at an artists’ conference. I explained to Hong the customer’s special request and asked if he would be interested to reproduce my painting in oils. Having discussed the idea at length, Hong agreed to embrace the idea of producing a limited edition series in oils of this particular
(or even any other) painting, and the work to be jointly signed by Hong and myself.
The result of which can be seen here on the left. The oil painting is for sale at 15,000 Thai Baht (approx. 300 Euro or 400 US Dollars). Your interest in buying a painting of this special limited edition work will be personally handled by the artist himself. Please send an e-mail or give me a call direct. If there is more than one request, we will advise the buyers on a first come basis up to the limit of 10 in the series. All the oil paintings in this series will be co-signed.

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