Alan Kirkland-Roath
Watercolour Artist / Portraitist

247/37-38 Moo 11
Banglamung / South Pattaya
Chonburi 20150, Thailand

phone: +66 (0)850 847 947
Alan Kirkland-Roath

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Born 1948 in Birmingham, U.K.
Self taught artist.
Single & group exhibitions in U.K. & Thailand.

About the Artist

Alan Kirkland-Roath has emerged from the unlikely background where he has spent more than 35 years developing the Gaming business in the U.K. and other parts of the world, to become a full-time artist.

Alan Kirkland-Roath started drawing and sketching from an early age. Entirely self taught, his influences came from studying paintings by the Impressionist masters; Monet, Renoir, Manet, Morisot and Cezanne and their use of colour and light. Kirkland-Roath's images capture a likeness and mood of the moment. Perhaps this is because the artist himself finds the making of every painting an adventure, an experimental journey through colour, shape and mark.

Changing quality of light and dark shades within the images affecting both mood and atmosphere are conveyed by the subtle nuances in colour, tone and texture. The paintings are an expression of both literal and imaginary interpretation that is based mainly on traditional themes.

Kirkland-Roath’s strong distinctive style and his penchant for light make his work collectable throughout the world. Portrait, Figurative and Sports themes are but a few of his many subjects.

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Artist’s Statement

I love to paint, and truly believe that being able to paint is a gift that should be shared.

As a child and teenager I loved drawing and painting with watercolours. However, I was not able to fulfil my dream of painting full-time till my family had grown up and I could finally leave my job. I never dreamed of showing my paintings, least of all selling any of them, but before I knew it I had my first portrait commission. This has then lead onto a number of other commissions.

While I paint I find that I live in the beauty and colour of my subject. I like to be able to convey a sense of involvement to the onlooker. Alan Kirkland-Roath

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