Dietfried Laszka
experimental graphics, expressive-abstract paintings
*1938 - 2014

Brunnenbachstr. 2
D - 82407 Wielenbach, Germany
Phone +49 881 69213

Dietfried Laszka
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Born 1938 in Koenigsberg, Prussia, grew up in Bremen, Germany.
Died in July 2014.
Since 1990 lives and has his studio in Wielenbach, Germany.
After leaving his earlier work - he now mainly works as an artist.
Studied painting with Prof. Akos Birkas in Budapest, Hungary, and with Prof. Pfahler at the Academy of Art in Salzburg, Austria.
Has studied Roetel and Ikon painting.
Has taken part in drawing, object and sculpture symposiums.
1997 worked together with the Japanese art professor Kunito Nagaoka in Kyoto, Japan.
Exhibitions in Salzburg, Inzighofen/Hohenzollern, Schwabach, Kisslegg, Oy/Allgäu, Ulm, Herrsching/Ammersee, Weilheim, Geras / Lower Austria, Gomera and Sylt.

About the Artist

Recently Dietfried Laszka has experimented with new materials and techniques in order to achieve new forms of expression. The priting plates he uses are thin plates of aluminum instead of copper or zinc plates. He gets the aluminum plates from automobile and airplane factories. He does his engravings on aluminum with the needles usually used for copper and zinc plates. In addition he uses other tools, materials and cloths. These are made further into collages. These new works of art surprise the viewer with their outstanding play of color and form. As monotypes they are unique copies. They were produced cooperatively with Prof. Kunito Nagaoka of Kyoto, Japan.

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