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Mehrdad Zaeri
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1970 born in Esfahan, Iran.
1985 leaving for Turkish Republik. After 11 months stay going to Germany and being granted there political asylum.
Living in Mannheim, Germany.
1989 - 1992 apprenticeship with master Karami in classical water colour, oilpainting and charcoal painting. At the same time attending a German highschool till school-leaving.
1992 - 1993 studying art at Free Artschool Mannheim.
Since 1992 participating in big and small exhibitions in Baden-Wuerttemberg und Hessen.

Artist’s Statement
"My drawings mainly are made with ink, feltpens or ordinary pencils. Their themes are often dreams, feelings and thoughts that are found deep within each of us. Therefore many of these "picture-stories" are bound with a certain amount of melancholy which is obvious for the observer.

For several years I have used colour again and again in my drawings. And still at present colourful pictures are an important part of my artwork. The lightness of the coloured pictures often offers a contrast to the more heavy-hearted black and white drawings.

My art is influenced by both the Oriental and European worlds, and therefore it cannot be exactly assigned to a definite direction. Even so one can recognize the influence of the following artists in my pictures: Chagall, Klee, Picasso, Waechter, Kafka, Jandl, etc. On the other hand the slight melancholy and elements such as moon, fish and stars have their origin in Persian art. The titles of my works are an important part of them too and give emphasis to the messages of my pictures." Mehrdad Zaeri

Click YouTubeand you will find a videoclip of
"pocket cinema" performance (see photo above).

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