Ruth Moch
Art Painter

Munich, Germany
+49 89 9570183

Ruth Moch

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BiographyGerman version

1955 born in Munich.
1970 - 1972 training intaglio printing touch up and attending the Prank-School, Munich.
1975 - 1979 private lessons with different artists at the art academy, Munich, also with Prof. Weißhaar.
Since 1980 being an independent artist.
Single and group exhibitions in Munich and the Bavarian area.
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About the Artist
Ruth Moch is a painter who is as as well closely bound to the traditional school of Munich painters as to art styles of today. She loves to paint in a playful way, but she admits that this type of painting is also a compensation for her exact and strengthening work as an art reproducer in museums.

The painter’s strong interest in nature can be seen in the motives she has chosen from the areas around Munich, Dachau, Bad Tölz and Chiemsee. She makes sketches and studies in nature in order to catch the feeling of the moment. This feeling she gives later to her finished paintings. The painter likes to work in the style of painters like Schleich, Wenglein and others, but she also brings in traces of her own style. The pictures are filled so much with harmony that observers feel like stepping into them, and begin to dream.

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