Nou-Nou was born 1958 in Worms at the river Rhine. 1987 she moved to Berlin, where she attended The High School For The Fine Arts as a guest student. Since 1993 Nou-Nou was working as an independent artist and member of the German Federation of Professional Artists (BBK). She had single and group exhibitions in Germany as well as in other European countries and participated on various art projects. Nou-Nou, who’s bourgois name was Annette Böttrich, died in October 1996 on cancer.

Nou-NouGerman version



For the photographic reality of her pictures Nou-Nou did not use photographs. She painted things the way she saw them, also wove her ideas into and emphasized these by intentionally leaving out some aspects. Mostly it were sand pictures that inspired the artist to observe in a precise way and to reflect on what she saw. The natural background colour of brownish wrapping paper was kept, while one object after the other was sketched in. In this way the resulting effect of sand washed objects came into being.

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