Pongsak Petmang
Art Painter and Photographer

Iris Photo Studio
64 - 66 Tanon Tesaban 1
T./A. Siracha, Chonburi 20110, Thailand

phone: +66-(0)38 770 809
mobile: +66-(0)81 8344957

Pongsak Petmang
Biography Paintings | Photos
Born 1978 in Nahkon Si Thammarat, Thailand.
Education: Donsalanumwittaya School
1996 - 1998 Arts and Hindicrafts College, Nakhon Si Thammarat
1998 - 2001 Burapha University, Chonburi
Since 2002 working as a freelance photographer, specialized on fashian photos, wedding events and family celebrations.
July 2005 opening of the Iris Photo Studio together with a friend in Siracha near Chonburi.
Certified qualification:
1993 - awarded as the excellent creative performance in activities from the Office of National Youth Supportive and Cooperative Commitees
1995 - Admiration Award in drawing at the Occupational Competition from Arts and Handicrafts College, Nakhon Si Thammarat
1995 - awarded the first prize at the Water Painting Competition organized by the Future Arts and Handicraft Artists of Thailand
The Windsor & Newton World Wide Painting Competition
The great artists' art exhibition, entitled "Phra Mahajanaka"
The Burapha Travel Fair, Gubai Art Gallery, Chamnan Gallery, Gallery Opium, ...and some more, not to be mentioned here

Artist’s Statement

My name is Pongsak Petmang and my life differs from the one of many other people, as I have both senses at the same time in me: male and female - darkness and brightness. So I could realize very intensive, that the world cannot exist without them.

And I am conviced too, that not only the rose but also other kinds of flowers should be sprinkled on the road of life. Being aware of this I am able to make many discoveries, and I would like to wish that everyone could participate.

I am living in Thailand and here I am as well a part of the realm of art as of the whole world too. I am an artist with all my heart and hope to be able to do it all my life. You, who is looking through my webpages, seem to love art too.
Thank you for visiting me on internet.
Pongsak Petmang

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