C.H. Pohl
lineative Malerei

D - 24972 Steinberghaff
Op de Eck 1
+49 4632 8507
E-Mail: Bpohlpohlataol.com
Carl Heinrich Pohl

Biography German version

Born 1941 in Wilhelmshaven.


Studied architecture at the Weimar University. Thereafter a free-lance architect in Leipzig (DDR), specializing in architectural sculpture, pictorial art and crafts.

1979, after a three year internment as a dissident, C.H. Pohl was allowed to leave the former "DDR" and settled with his family in Minden, where he has been a self-employed artist..

Summer 1997 moved to Steinberghaff, having there his new atelier.

Exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

About the artist:

"C.H. Pohl's acrylic paintings, although on first glance seemingly bizarre, actually evidence an unusually well-balanced harmony. Lines, defined areas and colours are well conceived and in their entirety and in conjunction with the associations conjured up by their titles form a clearly recognizable entity. Even the smallest alteration to any of the pictorial details would lead to the disintegration of the composition as a whole, as in the collapse of the proverbial house-of-cards. And in this we see indeed that C.H. Pohl is at once both artist and architect." Igo Kirchlechner

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