Philipp Reisacher
Landscape- and Astral-Painter

Memminger Str. 3
D - 87724 Ottobeuren
Phone / Fax: +49 8332 5587

Philipp Reisacher
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1949 born in Ottobeuren
Studied church painting with Georg Haugg, Ottobeuren.
Completion of the State Examinations at the Master School in Ulm, Germany and from Toni Trepte, Munich, Germany.
Since 1975 works as independent painter in Munich. Member of the BBK (Federal Organization of Professional Artists).
Exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, New Mexico and Antigua.
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About the Artist
"Landscape painting is a difficult thing: A lake with mountains in the background, poppies in blossom or a threatening thunderstorm can be expressed in many different ways. And often they are not in good taste.
But this is no problem for Philipp Reisacher. His paintings never even get near the border of shoddiness. Because of their soft colors that are never obtrusive his paintings have a soothing effect. Reisacher's paintings radiate harmony - a rare quality in modern art..."
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Nov. 1992

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