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Thyra Thorn
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1959 Born in Rendsburg. Grew up in Regensburg, Bavaria.
1979 - 86 Studied Art History, Ethnology and Sociology at the Free University of Berlin. M.A. in Ethnology, at the same time was guest student of Prof. Geist at the Berlin Art College. Worked with the painter Andreas Christ in Berlin.
1984 First one woman show in Berlin.
1989 - 92 Further instruction in art by Gisela Conrad and Michael Körner in Regensburg, life studies and study of photography at the University of Regensburg.
Since 1989 working as independent painter. Member of the Oberpfälzer Professional Artists Association.
1995 Awarded the Art Prize "Cities and Revolutions" in Emden, Germany.
Exhibitions in Germany, France and Russia. For details click German biography.

About the Artist:

"... Bedrooms are probably not the right place for Thyra Thorn’s pictures, except when the sleeper prefers upsetting nightmares. They are only incidentally decorative, because the artist wants to tell you about what she experiences during everyday life, her experiences with her surroundings and the feelings they induce. She transforms what she sees and what she feels into abstract shapes and figures with the help of a passionate stroke of the brush and with colours and even more colours..." Middelbavarian Newspaper, March 1994

Thyra Thorn’s works, titled "Swelling Forms" are nothing short of an orgiastic intoxication of the sense of sight. But, never fear! The swelling is rarely performed by full female curves. The title rather refers to a technique not usually associated with painting, namely that of quilting. The quilts of the early American pioneers are well known, for example, where separated and stitched shapes on material were stuffed with cotton to make padded bedcovers. Thyra Thorn follows a similar idea, but uses polyurethan foam instead of cotton for the padding, thereby creating canvases with lush 3-D effects in addition to her equally recommendable more traditional paintings. Her "Swelling Forms" need a little getting used to, but are always exciting and pleasing to view. Middelbavarian Newspaper, April 1996

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