Gitti Thorun
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Vorstadtstr. 47
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Gitti Thorun
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Born in Berlin, Germany.
1980 Emigrated to Santiago, Chile.
1985 - 89 Worked with the graphic artist Leonor d’Arnesti , did oils and pastels with Enrique Campuzano and porcelain painting with Mireya Vergara.
1990 In-depth study of colour theories at the Art Academy of Santiago under Professor Eduardo Vilches. Exhibited at the 2nd Biennale of Painting in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1991 / 92 Took part in the "Festival of Colours" in Renaca, Chile. Exhibited several times in Chile, for example, at the German-Chilean Culture-Circle, Santiago.
Oct. 1992 Returned to Germany, exhibited in Munich and Frankfurt.

About the Artist

"Gitti&'146;s cats possess an intense, cast-iron poetry, peppered with liberal romantic contrasts, outwardly soft and affectionate, but inwardly full of aggression."
Victor Carvacho - AICA - International Art Association of the UNESCO, Paris, 1992

"This German traveller between Chile and her home longs for a heaven to show her cat-creations. Every single one is a dizzying explosion of colour and movement. Why cats? "Cats," Gitti explains, " possess everything that we humans seek for in other people in vain. I actually love animals more than people because it is us who have robbed them of their habitat." Thus cats became the main theme of Gitti’s inspiration, especially the cats’ eyes, for these can express all: - despair, rancour, distrust and tenderness.
Gitti Thorun works with oils on principle, for the flexibility of this medium is optimal for rendering the flowing movements of her compositions. Acrylics by contrast dry too fast to allow the hand or brush to glide over the canvas. Gitti’s comment: "I paint for myself, purely for the joy and pleasure it yields without consideration for the commercial aspect" shows how well she understands the difficulty in finding a gallery that would readily show such a specialised theme as hers. "But naturally I am happy when I find a gallery willing to exhibit my works, for then at least people learn that one exists."
Cats were always her constant companions, but her present flat in Germany is too small to offer them that space and freedom necessary to do justice to their basically wild nature, so instead her paintings must suffice to conjure up her many memories of these captivating creatures, joining fantasy with longing."

Claudia Sanches, February 1995

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