Elsa Zorkow
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Elsa Zorkow

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Born 1938 in Berlin. Already as a child she was in contact with artists such as Raddatz and Eckersberger among others and had started to paint.
1985 - first solo exhibition in Centre Medicis, Brussels.
1985-89 - studied painting and sculpture at Sint-Lucas University, Brussels and painting at Hogere Rijkschool van Anderlecht, Brussels. During this time she worked on lithographs and her first monumental paintings.
Her studies have taken her to New York, Israel, Greece, Tunesia, Japan, Canada and South Africa.
1987 - first prize awarded for watercolours by the Art Centre of Rouge-Cloitre, Brussels.
1989 - first prize awarded for oil painting (UFACI) Kobe, Japan.
1990 - studying also at the Art Academy Trier, she has been teaching drawing and painting in various Art Studios in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Exhibitions in Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, France, Portugal, USA, Italy and Germany.

About the Artist

"Elsa Zorkow’s canvases may be large in size but they are in no way massive in mood, for the deep-laying vibrations that vitalise the surfaces render the paintings light and airy. Their elegant grace relates no stories, but rather invites us to experience feelings. The artist often uses the technique of collage, whereby she incorporates fragments of her own past works to skilfully compose new creations. Elsa Zorkow has art in every fibre of her being. The intensity of expressed spirit in her works can leave no viewer cold." Stephane Rey, Nov. 1991

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