Gerda Babos-Scherrieble
art painter

Freiburg / Breisgau

Phone: +49 761 3837420

Gerda Babos-Scherrieble
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Born and grown up in Munich, Germany.
After her graduation she obtained a diploma in the study of the science of art at the "Famous-Artist-School" and with Ernst Feuerstein (Stuttgart), laying her major interest in water-color painting.
In 1977 she began studying astrology, psychology and graphology. As a reincarnation - and rebirthing therapist, the images of the soul have a special meaning to her. She used astrology as a compass for this work. After many years of experience in leading seminars and as a therapist, she then decided to devote her life to painting, which has always been her secret love. She was happy to have found a synthesis, which allowed her to combine her therapeutic experiences with painting.
In 1986 together with friends she founded the seminar center "ETORA" in Lanzarote, which she co-directed until 1997. Besides her therapeutic work, her desire for the world of colors and forms became more and more intensive in order to express herself artistically.
After extensive experiments in painting on silk, she continued her studies of acrylic painting at Alexander Jeanmaire (Zurich), Peter-Andreas Mothes (Stuttgart) and "Veno", Lanzarote.
Since 1998 living and working in Italy in the province of Ancona. There was born a new idea: ASTRO-ARTE.
ASTRO-ARTE - Through daily visual confrontation with your personal horoscope themes, you have the chance to better understand and apply the aspects of your soul. It is the artist's deep wish to touch the hearts of people everywhere, by using form and color and in this way to contribute to the well-being of all.
2006 returning to Germany.
Exhibitions: Individual and group exhibitions, f.e.
August 2002 - Open Art Gallery, German Museum, Munich
February 2003 - International ARTEXPO, New York
March 2003 - Galleria d’arte moderna "Alba", Ferrara, Italy
November 2003 - ARTEPADOVA 2003, Padua, Italy
January 2004 - 31. Mostra d’EPIFANIA 2004, Milano, Italy
June 2004 - Galleria d’arte EUSTACHI, Milano, Italy
Dec. 2004 / Jan. 2005 - "Art Meets Fashion", oci-center, Zweibrücken, Germany
February 2005 - Galleria d’arte moderna "Alba", Ferrara, Italy
November 2005 - ARTEPADOVA 2005, Padua, Italy
2006 and 2007 - several group exhibitions in Germany
Nov. 2008 till Jan. 2009 - app. 80 paintings at Münster-Hotel, Breisach
July - October 2011 - ArtHall Messmer in Riegel,
Group Exhibition, topic "Water"
Since 2012 - several group exhibitions at the Tango-Oasis, Freiburg
August - October 2013 - Exhibition at Gallery Reinert, Karlsruhe
Publications about the artist in the artbooks "Dizionario Enciclopedico Internationale d’Arte Moderne" - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006
The 12 painted signs of the zodiac are available as posters as well as artprints on canvas.

About the Artist

"Gerda Babos-Scherrieble works meditatively. Silence and energy are the dominating themes of her work. They are always in a fascinating dialog. She knows how to translate this in a very emphatic and intuitive way. The colors are clear and always in harmony. Her art also represents her desire for beauty.
The form is mainly abstract with subtle color compositions, laid on in multiple layers, which causes a mysterious transparency. The paintings have a plastic effect and the beholder may "take a walk" through them. The beholder's own fantasy is animated to discover something new, again and again. Therefore the paintings always remain fascinating." Gallery Inge Mitchell, Munich, Germany

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