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Carnival in Oruru (Temptation)
2005 / acrylic on special paper, 41 x 29 cm
I witnessed a riot of colours in the famous carnival city Oruru in Bolivia. It is currently being exhibited in the contemporary art museum in La Paz with 5 other ones.

Good and Bad Seeds
2004 / acrylic on special paper, 41 x 29 cm
Inspired by the concept of dualistic indigenous societies in Brazil, such as the Xavante nation, with whom I lived 4 months.

El Alann
2005 / acrylic on special paper, 65 x 50 cm

A painting made after a visit to the ruins of Tihuanacu. A pre-inca civilisation said to have been founded by extra terrestrials. One piece found by an archaeologist, called Ponce, was named after him. I decided to paint one and give him my name too. Look at the snake on his strong arm to his pectos.

The Others
2005 / acrylic on paper, 80 x 64 cm
The 48 heads which are keys of another alien civilisation can be seen protruding from inner walls of an excavated temple in Tihuanancu. They are the 48 chromosomes or representing the 48 alien races from outside who started Tihuanacu according to Amauta cosmic information.

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