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Afet Yayla, Turkish Contemporary Art Painter

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Afet Yayla was born in Ankara in 1959. She was graduated from Suadiye High School and she started her art works in the year 2000 by studying drawings in Elma Art Studio. And she participated Sükran Mertcan’ Ceramic Studio in Marmara University Art Department. She made some oil paintings with Nursu Polatkan.
She worked in Mahinur Akkus Atelier on oil painting style. Later she joined the "Water Group" with artists from Izmir and attended exhibitions in Turkey and Biennials abroad. She also joined activities with the purpose of aid.
Afet Yayla on all occasions is reflecting her interest in Turkish Osman History into her paintings. On her canvases she tries to show that the art works are the monuments of Nation’s lives and also are an undeniable evidence of the societies once living on the "Land of One State". She still continues her art works in her atelier.
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