Jessada Kongsommart
modern Thai paintings & collages

60 Moo 2, T. Yoodkhang / A. Namon
46230 Kalasin, Thailand

Jessada Kongsommart
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Born 1975 in Kalasin, Northeastern Thailand.
Education: Yod Kaeng Songkroh School, Somdet Pittayakorn School , Kalasin Pittayasan School, Mahasarkham Vacational Education Callege, finally being awarded
1996 - 1998 Thai Wijitsilp (Thai Fine Art) School, Bangkok, finally being awarded
1998 - 2001 Burapha University, Bang Saen, Chonburi, twice being awarded.
Certified qualification:
Awarded the Creative Prize on the Mother’s Day from Mahasarakam University
The first prize of Wall Painting, Mahasarakam
The first prize of Portrait Drawing from the 46th Occupational Competition of the Northeast Region
The first prize at the World Quit Smoking Day organized by Bangkokian
Awarded 9 first as well as 6 second and third prizes at Thai Wijitsilp Art Exhibitions
Awarded "The Excellent Golden" at the painting competition entitled "Thai cultures preservation in the jubeleeyear of His Majesty the King on his throne"
Awarded the first and the second prize at the Fine Art Competition entitled "Great Korea Day" organized by Korean Embassy and Korean Tourism Authority
Awarded the Grand Prize, Drawing in Thailand
Support Award, contemporary art by young artists, Bangkok
Mitsubishi Art Award "Honourable Mention"
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Group Exhibitions:
The 3rd Panasonic Modern Fine Art Exhibition
The 14th and 15th Modern Art of Young Artists
The 21st Bualuang Fine Art Exhibition
The 3rd Hitashi Art Exhibition
The 3rd and 4th Khor Loy Sriracha Art Exhibition
The 5th Philip Morris Thailand Excellent Art Exhibition
Fine Art Exhibition supported ba Boonrod Brewery Ltd (Singha Beer)
The 10th and 11th Toshiba Art Exhibition
The Exhibition of Modern Art 1998 supported by the Thai Farmers Bank
The 45th National Art Exhibition
Great art exhibition in celebration of His Majesty the King
2007 - Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA, USA
2008 - 20th Annual Benefit Awards, Omni Hotel, Los Angeles
Chonburi International Art Exhibition, Eastern Center for Art and Culture
... and more, some in Malaysia, Australia, Jugoslavia and the Netherlands.
Solo Exhibitions (selection):
1999 - "Until Feel Me", Library of the Burapha University, Bang Saen
2000 - "Origin of Cultures", entrance hall of the Buraphy University, Bang Saen | Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok | Amari Orchid Resort, Pattaya
2001 - Ban Rachavat Gallery, Bangkok | Library of the Burapha University, Bang Saen | Museum Plein of Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 - Central Plaza Festival Center, Pattaya | Take it Easy Gallery, Bang Saen
2003 - Jamjuree Art Gallery, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok |
Design-Visio Art Gallery, Bophut, Koh Samui | Art & Culture University Museum, Khon Kaen University | Guildford Hotel, Australia
2004 - Retrospective at the "Eastern Center of Art and Culture", Burapha University, Bang Saen | Art Café, Pattaya-Naklua | Little Hill Resort, Pattaya
2005 Carpediem Galleries, Bangkok | The National Gallery, Bangkok
2006 Gallery Opium, Pattaya
2007 LA Artcore Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2008 Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok
2011 The National Gallery, Bangkok | Burapha University, Bang Saen | The Urban Sanctuary Art Gallery, Los Angeles

About the Artist

When an artist begins to become recognized, it is very easy for his necessary ego to become overpowering. Without an ego to drive him forward, a struggling artist can very quickly give up. Consequently, when you come across an artist like Jessada Kongsommart, who dedicates his art exhibition at the Art Café, Naklua, to "The Place I was Born" and even donates a painting to be auctioned, with the proceeds to go to his primary school in Kalasin, you know this is a man who has not forgotten his roots, no matter how humble. And when describing the fabrics that are so often featured in his paintings, simply says, "My Mum makes these."

Dr. Ian Corness A true professional artist is neither a dauber nor a dabbler. It is a profession like any other, but with a longer "apprenticeship" than most. Jessada Kongsommart has now served his apprenticeship. Twelve years, including four years at Burapha University studying Fine Arts, have produced a rare talent. This talent was displayed in the two dozen paintings unveiled at the Art Café last week.
Jessada's works are in many private collections these days. His ability to capture the substance and "movement" of Thai fabrics on canvas is uncanny in its technique. And quite frankly I found myself staring at some of these canvases in the exhibition, wondering at his control over light and shade.

Make no mistake about this young man, he is not an Isaan boy come good, he is an Isaan boy who revels in the history of his region and delights in his roots. He is an Isaan boy making his origins come good.

Dr. Ian Corness in "Pattaya Mail" on Oct. 8th, 2004

Jessada Kongsommart is no longer an up and coming painter. Being invited by The National Gallery in Bangkok to exhibit several of his paintings and other interesting objects of art is an acceptance and a great honour. I am very thrilled by this, having followed his development closely all the way from his art school years. I must admit that I am not surprised because there was already a presence and a beauty in his early works that was impossible to ignore.

Jessada Kongsommart is still young, almost frightfully young, but there is nothing about him that calls for the word "upstart". His achievement is well deserved. What you will experience in the National Gallery is the works of an extremely talented and hard working young man who is both ambitious and modest.

Jessada Kongsommart’s art has the wonderful expression of timeless knowledge. He draws his themes from rural life of the countryside in "TIN TEE CHAN KERD" (in the Kalasin Province) where he grew up. The sweet, damp smell of pure oil, living so close to mother-nature that you can breathe her beauty, the handicraft of the village people, the silk fabric patterns, yes, that homage to pure traditional life at the risk of being crushed under the steely paws of modern, noisy, urban life. There is also a dark sensual undercurrent in many of Jessada's paintings that gives them an almost erotic quality.

Jan Olav AamlidThe exhibition of Jessada Kongsommart’s art in the National Gallery is of course the high point of his career. I can think of no greater honour for a painter, he is now an established and highly regarded artist. The next step must be the world. Being a Norwegian I found it strange that these paintings, so clearly anchored in Thai traditions, should move me so deeply. But then I realised that Jessada's art transcends all our differences, they speak a language that all human beings can understand, no matter where he is born on Earth. We walk on the same soil, breathe the same air under the same heaven, all of us experiencing the darkness of sorrow and the light of love, with the soft whispers of spirits and the gods in our ears.

Jessada Kongsommart has all it takes to make it big internationally. I am proud to say this. And I am proud to call him my friend.

Jan Olav Aamlid on occasion of the opening of Jessada’s exhibition
in the Bangkok National Gallery on December 2005

Early in the year 2000 Jessada sent me photos of his art works, and asked me if we could put them on our website I liked them from the moment I first saw them, but found it difficult to classify the work. Artists generally do not like to have their art categorized because they feel as if they are being shoehorned into a particular style. However it is easier for art collectors and visitors to search out the right style of art works for their taste by category, as we show on internet more than 4,000 pieces of art from many different artists’ portfolios. Also when planning live exhibitions it is important to know and invite those collectors who have a preference for a particular art style.

Concerning Jessada’s art works, at first sight I had the impression, that all of them were collages made from different fabrics of silk, combined with some items of rural Thai daily life. But then, looking on the scribbled backside of the photos, I recognized that most of the pictures were painted oil/acrylic on canvas in a detailed way. I only remember to have seen such perfection before with the dress of the Spanish Royal Family at some old masters at the Prado in Madrid. Unbelievable, how this young man, who at that time was still studying the Fine Arts at Burapha University, could handle color and paintbrush in such a virtuous way.

So, first I decided to mark Jessada’s art "photo realistic", painted nearly in the old French 3 dimensional "trompe l'oeil" way. But then, deciphering also the titles on the photos, I recognized that I was mistaken again. "Thai Living", "Landscape", "Warm" or "Sleep" indicated, that his pictures had the intention to express something very different to what the onlooker may see on the surface. Something, that everybody, wherever he may live on this Planet, will understand and is longing for: The feeling of being home, surrounded by family and friends, not to be scared, being loved and to love somebody, living in peace and harmony, feeling safe and secure, or just being content and happy.

Consequently the right classification for Jessada’s art creations should be in old Greek language "anthropomorph". This means "what you see is not what it really is". But until now such an art style does not exist, though it can be seen through Jessada’s work. So to avoid confusion for our website’s visitors I call Jessada on internet a "Surrealist" - and privately a very gentle person and a good friend.

Igo Kirchlechner, ShopArt e.V., Germany / February 2006

Artist’s Statement
I was born and raised in the countryside of north east Thailand, living and growing up in the calm, warm and simple traditional lifestyle which is a close knit community, and at one with nature. Here, the people are helpful, spiritually good, and lead their lives in a very simple way. There is no complicated lifestyle.

When the season for the harvest arrives, all the machinery is made ready to plow and farm the land. After the agricultural duties are complete, people attend to their handicraft work. Women prepare their tools for spinning, and weave the colourful silk threads in preparation for forthcoming celebrations. The men in turn, gather and prepare materials for their handicraft work before the rainy season comes. These are the kinds of country life activities which have been going on from the past to present day, and the skills are passed on from generation to generation.

These everyday activities are all about the beauty of local Thai culture which have been rooted in the conscious and subconscious in me, and all people of north eastern Thailand.

Jessada Kongsommart, February 2006

Jessada’s Kalasin Home and Art Studio
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