Noppadol Khamlae, wood sculptor
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Ramayana Carvings made to order
All wall paintings shown here are photographed in the arcades of Grand Palace, Bangkok

Relief 1 - carving size suggestion 60 x 80 cm
Teakwood: 42.000 THB same with colour and acrylic gold: 49.000 THB

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FARANG MagazineHere you can find a report about the genesis of this Ramayana Relief. Lothar W. Brenne-Wegener wrote it for the newspaper "Der FARANG" which is published in Thailand in German language.

Hello Noppadol,
being back in Germany let me assure you again how much I love your relief. From time to time, when the weather allows me to sit outside in the loggia of my terrace, I take a seat opposite to it and watch it. Then I dive into it with my eyes and start dreaming. I can’t stop to admire you for your work and sometimes I even doubt that all this is handmade! How gifted you are, that you are able to create something beautiful like this.
I wish you a pleasant Sunday, Lothar W. Brenne-Wegener, Hamburg, June 2nd, 2013

Noppadol Khamlae

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