Reinhard Mesletzky
Blacksmith / Sculptor / Designer

Bahnweg 9
D - 85774 München-Unterföhring

Phone +49 89 9503286
Mobile +49 171 6831643

Reinhard Mesletzky
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Born in Munich.
1987 Training to be a metal worker. In addition independent work on sculpture and stage scenery.
1990 Master Certificate for Metalworker and the founding of a firm for metal design and manufacture of steel furniture.
Exhibitions: 1990 - West-End-Exhibit, Munich | 1991 - Steel structure for the Gasteig Theatre performance of "Columbo", Munich | Edelstoff, Munich | 1992 - WSA Gallery, Freising | 1993 - Subway Gallery, Munich | 1994 - Escada, Munich | 1995- EigenArt, Munich-Riem | 1996 - City ShopArt, Frankfurt, and many more.
About the Artist
Mesletzky’s works can all be used at home - except for his abstract figure sculptures. His works are dominated by straight lines that emphasise the massive character of steel. Form and material give the impression of elegant simplicity. The combination of black-grey steel and mirrors - as in his wardrobe - seems especially harmonious.

Mesletzky usually does not plan his works on paper. His objects arise during the process of forming them, strongly influenced by the material he uses. However he does plan his works far ahead in his mind.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 1993

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