Valentin Rusin
Art Painter

Von-Einem-Str. 22
D - 45130 Essen, Germany
+49 (0)201 - 759 48 00

Valentin Rusin

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1958 born in the Ukraine, USSR.
1972-1976 studied at Art Highschool, Voroschilovgrad / Ukraine.
1979 - 1984 studied at Highschool for Fine Arts and Industrial Design in Charkov/Ukraine with Diploma Degree. Then ObjectDesigner in a design company.
1986 - 1994 participation in group exhibitions in Moscow, Kiew and Charkov.
1992 first exhibition in Western hemisphere in Nuernberg, Germany.
Since1994 lives and works in Germany. Since 1999 member of the BBK - Federation of Professional Artists, Germany.
Valentin Rusin's artworks can be found in several gallery and private collections in in the USA, Netherlands, Israel, Hungaria, Turkey, Russia and Germany.
For Exhibitions: please see German version

Artist's Statement
For a long time I looked for what is called one's own individual style. It took a long time because I didn't want to bind myself mechanically to this style or the other. It is my opinion that such a binding can limit an artist very much. Finally I came to the conclusion that style is not a collection of technical processes, but is a certain way of thinking.
On the surface my pictures are clear and simple. But one can understand them in several layers: the first gives the possibility to admire the still life or the landscape. The second is a play for the observer who can recognize the cultural symbols of very different epochs. It is also possible that someone can find elements of Freudian theories.
I think that optical objects are not of very much importance standing alone, but only when they come into conflict in unusual situations. These suspenseful combinations are created by the artist. Traditional forms are very suitable for this purpose because within these narrow limits our phantasy can be stimulated the easiest way. When a new meaning appears, a new world is formed; then the goal has been reached.
Valentin Rusin

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