Tadeusz Swiniarski
Art Painter

57-313 Stary Wielislaw

Phone: +48 74 8682770
E-Mail: swiniarski.tadeuszatyahoo.pl
Tadeusz Swiniarski Sculptor

Wiesenweg 3
D - 85399 Hallbergmoos

Phone: +49 811 95184
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1961 born in Radom, Poland - grew up in Tarnow, Poland.
1976 - 1980 Tarnow School of Art - major field: Fine furniture.
1983 - 1986 studied painting at the Breslau Academy of Art.
1989 moved to Germany. Studied painting at the Academy of Art in Munich, Germany, from Professor Gerd Winner.
1994 - 1999 Contract Art Management by Europa-Gallery, Munich, Germany.
1995 finished work for the Diploma degree. Member of the BBK (Federal Organization of Professional Artists, Germany).
Exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Holland and Italy.

About the Artist

Seeing Swiniarski's extremely forceful paintings you could hardly guess that he has a quiet inner nature. In order to express his thoughts he needs large sized paintings. The theme of his paintings - either abstract or partly realistic - is life with all it's antitheses. Not only the patterns of light and dark make Swiniarski's painting so exciting. Also strength and weakness, courage and fear, hope and desperation shine through his paintings and make you thoughtful or even perplexed.

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