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Seba Ugurtan on FacebookBiennial Izmir 2015

The Izmir Art Biennial, which aims to create a meeting point in Izmir between the artists and the viewers from different cultures and has been organised since 2011, will be shared with art lovers with a topic of "Infinity".
The Izmir Biennial plays an important role in the promotion of contemporary artists not only from Turkey but from a number of different countries in the international arena. Artists are the ones who are able to use their power limitlessly to express their thoughts and reflect this in their art well.
There is infinity in their hearts, and also in their creation of art. They strive to make their infinite spirits to be apparent. That is why, they are very precious and indispensable. As an example for society, artists exhibit their quality work in peace. Their work is their response to life and daily events.
This is a silent scream, taking a deep breath, crying and laughing silently and making the invisible visible, holding each other tight with love. Just one breath, which gives us life and soul. The power of anyone, who is aware of the rights and laws which make us realize the importance of the arts and the artists is his infinite breath. Societies should always be involved in all kinds of artistic events sincerely.
Art and artists should be kept away from the political fights and any conflicts. On the contrary, they should be supported by the governments. Societies who maintain this support keep the spirit of art alive and also inspiring. The unique energy of the art contributes to world peace.
The number of artistic activities in a community is one of the best indicators of the cultural development, freedom of speech and expression level of that society. This International arts organization not only contributes to economic development of that city and the country, but also enriches the recognition and reputation of those countries and the cities. This idea was the most important motivation for us to organize the first international art biennial in Izmir. With the participation of 400 artists from 47 countries, we’ve proved that Izmir has the capacity to host such great international organization; on the other hand, we’ve tried to fullfil our responsibilities to show and promote the unique historical culture and beauty of our cities and the country to the world. Seba Art Galleries made 438 artists from 53 countries come together in the 2nd International Izmir Art Biennial through the excellence of providing them with the opportunity of expressing their identity via art. Artists are the best example of a presentation of contrastinf thouhts and opinions.
Black and white could take place in the same line which is a victory of art. This language is the only language to accomplish to be human. The ones, who can hear and understand art and artists know how short life is and therefore must be led perfectly.
Artists are a symbol of respect for the feelings of each other, are the best examples of engagement in love. The language of art is constructive and restorative,and it teaches to see, hear, try to understand.There is no vandalism, anger and violence in its expression. It wraps all wouds. Artists are important protectors of free thought. Very special thanks to all art lovers, friends and directors who stood by us and supported a lot during the 3rd. International Izmir Biennial.
Curator Seba Ugurtan, General Director, International Art Biennal of Izmir
Dear Artists, Seba Art Gallery has the honor to invite you to the International Art Workshop that will take place in Bodrum between the dates of 7th September - 12th September 2015
PAYMENT: March 31st, 2015 first payment of 250 Euro, September 7th, 2015 final payment of 250 euro be paind to Seba Ugurtan in Bodrum at the hotel. If you connot participate will not be refunded.
REGISTRATION COST: 6 nights and 7 days full board, 500 euro per person in rooms for 2 people 1. Art works: Every artist will create 1 painting
2. Dimension: 80 x 100 cm
3. Collection: All art works will be donated to seba art gallery collection
4. Canvas: organization will offer one free canvas for all artists.
5. Material: All artists will bring their own materials
6. Rooms: All artists will stay in rooms for 2 or 3 persons (full board).
Please take special care for the payment dates. Otherwise your reservation will not be valid.
FIRST NAME_________________________LAST NAME________________________________
E-Mail _______________________________www _____________________________________
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Dear Artists, Gallery Seba is pleased to announce the 3rd International Izmir Art Biennial, which will bring artists from around the world and their works together on 2015 in Izmir, Turkey.
We will be honored to see you as a part of the International Izmir Art Biennial, in which we aim to leverage the power of art to bring different cultures together and provide people with contrasting values a common ground for sharing. For artists who want to participate in the 3rd International Izmir Art Biennial with their works of visual arts, necessary documents for pre application are listed below. Pre applications must be submitted both digitally and printed.
Deadline for pre application is April 30th, 2014. Printed documents must have arrived to the addresses given below until this date. Following the end of the pre application period, the artists selected by the Biennial committee will be provided with the terms of contract, detailed information on participation fees, shipping and other issues. The results of the selection will also be announced on our website.
General Director Seba UGURTAN
Documents for Pre Application: E-Mail, Postal Mail and a photograph of the artist. 4 passport photos of the artist (4,5 x 6 cm), 3 images of artist’s original artwork. Images must be not smaller than 1600 pixels wide in the long side. Printed images of 3 artist’s original artworks (13 x 18 cm). Digital images of 3 artist’s original artworks, minimum 300dpi resolution, print quality, burned on a CD.
Biography in English and Turkish if possible, 150 words maximum.
Contact information: Artist’s postal address, phone number, e-mail, fax. Biography (150 words maximum, in English and Turkish if possible).
Note: If you want to participate with a sponsor please include this information in your documents.
Contact: Seba Art Gallery
Address: Mithatpasa Caddesi No: 464/A 35280 Asansor/Izmir/Turkey
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