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Exhibitions & Activities 1
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Seba Ugurtan - Water Group
The Water Group was founded on October 29th, 1998 at the exhibition "The Women Artists of The Turkish Republic" held at the Atatürk Cultural Center of Balçova Municipality. Having been founded by Seba Ugurtan, an art teacher, and an artist who has established two galleries in Izmir, the aim of the Water Group is to develop a sense of unification and cooperation within the community, to formate a common language with the help of arts between nations, to present the country and to make cities and countries approach each other through the bridges that art builds.
The members of the group are in an effort to tell the importance of art to the whole world, and struggle to prevent people from using their energy destructively, and to provide that this energy is used to creative activities. All the members of the group are voluntary artists who believe in this philosophy and the people who support these artists.
In every city visited, new members are added to the group during the activities. The members of the group donate the income of the exhibitions to social associations.
The members of the group are artists and voluntary people who love art, and who support the group. The members believe that the communities that are against artistic activities provoke fights and quarrels.
By using their possitive energy and keeping the words, artist, art and artworks away from fight, noise, leadership and ego; the group shows an extraordinary struggle to increase the number of the members to thousands.
For photos about the various activities of the Water Group click Water Group on facebook
Aims (1. - 10.)
01. To increase attention to fine arts by organizing art activities.
02. To lecture about art in open air events.
03. To give explanations about the original artworks of the artists and the people around them.
04. To support social associations by the power of fine arts.
05. To organize trips, and to learn and teach about art during these trips.
06. To present themselves to communities by their artworks and exhibitions they organize during their visits, to explore the enviroment, and after portraying the regions they have explored through their artworks, present them on the next destination.
07. To organize art festivals, public art rejoicings, conferences and exhibitions.
08. To provide a unification of artists and to organize exhibitions with a developed sense of friendship, unification and cooperation.
09. To present the Turkish artists to the world and by bringing the amateur and professional artists together, to acknowledge the artists about professional artworks.
10. To prepare catalogues in which the adresses and phone numbers of the artists take place, in order to provide friends of art can reach the artists. The relationship of the members with the Water Group may be terminated if they do not paricipate three organizations without stating acceptable reasons.
11. The members of the group can not transfer their responsibilities to other members.
12. The responsibilities are shared within the group before each organization.
13. The meeting dates are made known to the members by Seba Ugurtan as the president of the group.
14. If the members neglect their responsibilities during an organization, their membership of the group terminates without warning.
15. The Water Group may have sponsors during the preparation of these activities.
16. None of the members of the Water Group can participate an exhibition with a nonoriginal, copied artwork.
17. The damage that takes place with the neglect of a member is not shared by the group.
18. An artist outside the group can not be accepted to an exhibition without the approval of the group members.
19. The group may cooperate with social assotiations.
20. If a member of the group opens an individual exhibition all of the members support the artist and the exhibition.
21. The members of the group can not determine an exhibition date for the whole group without consulting the other members.
22. None of the group members can organize an exhibition in the name of the group, for his/her own financial benefit.
23. As the founder and the president of the Water Group, Seba Ugurtan has all the authority related with the group.
It is assumed that the Water Group members have accepted the Water Group regulations.
Artistic Events organized by the Water Group:
1. The first International Agamemnon Art Festival in 2002, 400 artists have painted pictures during the whole day sharing the enthusiam of art with the spectators. The art works have been exhibited in Turkuaz cafe in Inciralti. 400 original art works have been donated to Kit-vak to be used for the medical treatment of the children with leukemia.
2. The first Kordon Art Rejoicing was organized in Izmir in the open area in Kordon. During the rejoicing 1600 art works of 400 artists have been exhibited and the artists painted pictures while the spectators wached them. The amount taken by the sale of the art works has been donated to Kit- Vak fot the treatment of children with cancer.
3. The mixed art exhibition during the 72nd of International Izmir fair in 2003. 100 artists have participated with their 400 artworks in the exhibition. The exhibition took place during the fair under the name of "Living and Flourishing Brushes "
4. With the cooperation of Aegean Obezity Association our respected member professor Candeger Yilmaz has organized the first international art contest with the subject of obezity. Among the 170 paintings 56 of them were exhibited and a catalogue is prepared under the name of "Obezity and the Problems", First International Art Contest.
5. Universiade Art Festival 2005, The rejoicing has continued 3 days with the participation of 200 artists with their 800 paintings The rejoicings took place in Palmiye Mall
6. For the November the 14th Diabetes Mellitus Day an art Contest with the subject of diabetes mellitus and its problems was organized in 2005.
7. The demostrations in Urfa Fish Lake .
8. The Water Group Demonstrations in Selçuk Festival.
9. The Living and Flourishing Brushes Demonstration in Izmir Fair.
10. The artistic Studies in Port Aven Art School in 2005.
11. The Art Contest and Exhibition of Caterina de Medici. The fifth and the sixth ranks in the world were given to the founder and the president of the group, Seba Ugurtan in Firenze, Italy in 2004.
12. The Art Festival organized by the Gaziemir Municipality with the participation of 400 children and membership of the jury with the artists from Urfa, 19 April 2006.
13. The Mixed Exhibition of the Water Group in Alaçati Home Store.
14. The Art Efficiency of Movie Festival in Denizli in 2006.
15. The exhibition of the Art Contest with the subject of osteoporoz in A.K.M. Izmir.
16. Organization of the contest within the Turkish Fine Arts High Schools and the exhibition named "Come and Let’s get Acquainted", 2007
17. The Water Group exhibition "Come and Let’s get Acquainted" in the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers during June 18-22 in 2007.

Art Exhibitions organized by the Water Group:
1- The Art Gallery of Balçova Municipality in 2003.The first mixed exhibition of the Water Group.
2- The Art Gallery of the Izmir Fair in 2003. Mixed exhibition.
3- The Amazon-D bookstore in 2004. Mixed exhibition.
4- The historical Church in Çesme in 2004. Mixed exhibition.
5- Montmartre-open-area - in Paris 2004.
6- The Art Gallery of the Thermal Foundations of Balçova Municipality in 2005. Mixed exhibiton.
7- Palmiye Shopping Center in 2005. Mixed exhibition.
8- The Art Gallery of Urfa Municipality - 2005. Mixed exhibition.
9- Atatürk Cultural Center - 2005. Mixed exhibition.
10- Selçuk Festival - 2005.Mixed exhibition.
11- Konak Pier Exhibition Hall - December 15-30-2005. Mixed exhibition.
12- Narlidere Municipality Atatürk Cultural Center - 2006. Mixed exhibition.
13- Mixed exhibition with the subject "Diabetes Mellitus and it’s Problems" in Atatürk Cultural Center-2006.
14- With the subject "The Martyrs of Çanakkale" in Governmental Art and Statue Museum- 2006.
15- Gaziemir International 23 April Children Rejoicings. Mixed exhibition.
16- Art exhibition named "Love Flood of Art from Urfa to Izmir" in Atlas Pavillion in Izmir Fair.
17- Mixed exhibition in Izmir Governmental Art and Statue Museum - 2006.
18- Commercial Chamber of Denizli - Mixed exhibition.
19- Ankara Kursardi Art Gallery - Mixed exhibition.
20- Balikligöl Artistic Organization-Urfa.
21- Art Exhibition with the subject of Osteoporose in AKM Izmir February 6-9-2007.
22- The Exhibition named "18 March Çanakkale" in AKM, Izmir - 2007.
23- The second exhibition of the Artists of Izmir - 2007
24- Turkish and Greek Women Artists Friendship Exhibition - 2007.
25- Mixed exhibition of Fne Arts High Schools throughout Turkey - May 18 2007.
26- Mixed Exhibiton named "Come and Let’s get Acquainted" in Congress Center Tepekule - 2007