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Noppadol's Wood Carving College
Carving Workshop in Thailand

3/2 Moo 1 Kunkong
Baan Tawai / Hangdong
Chiangmai 50230, Thailand

+66 (0)992716365
E-Mail: n_kamlaeathotmail.com

Learn how to carve wood in a woodcarvers’ village,
20 km South of Chiangmai, Northern Thailand

A complete set of tools, consisting of 30 chisels in different shapes,
forged by hand and utmost sharpened is included in the course's fee.
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Wood-Carving-Workshops can be be arranged individually and corresponding with the travel situation of the participants. If interested please enquire. Nevertheless we recommend booking in advance, as the students’ groups consist only of 2-4 persons.

The courses are starting on Monday. As follow up - or in the same time for friends accompanying you - 3 days trekking tours can be organized into the mountain area near the Burmesian border and to the villages of the hilltribes.

Noppadol’s home, workshop and guesthouse (see photo above) are in Baan Tawai, a picturesque wood carvers’ village, 20 km South of Chiangmai. Many markets and manufacturers offer everything, what is being produced in Thai arts, furniture, interior decor, directly from the producers.

The workshop primarily targets on artists, who want to exceed their ability to express themselves. Woodcarving experiences are not necessary, participants however should have some handycraft skill and the feeling for 3-dimensional contoures.

Noppadol’s teaching method is "learning by doing". He speaks only "little English", but this is sufficient enough to understand each other in all important questions of daily life. Thai woodsculptors are used to carve while sitting in front or on the object. But in the college a big workbench is installed on which you can work standing upright or sitting on a chair. On the beginning of a course every participant gets a complete set from old train-rails handforged chisels like shown on left side, which finally he can take home.

Course’s fee: 12.500 Thai-Baht for 3 days / 17.500 Tha-Baht for 5 days.
Included accomodation in Noppadol’s guesthouse (single or doublebedroom depending on the number of participants, WC, warm shower, kitchen, balcony, TV, free WiFi), food, softdrinks and excursions to Chiangmai for sightseeing und shopping, as well as a complete set of 30 wood carving chisels. The courses will be done also for a single person. If there are more participants on the same course, then the course’s fee per person can be reduced. Accompanying persons who do not participate on the wood carving workshops can be lodged additionally for a very low rate.
Payment: 5.000 Baht when booking, rest when the workshop is starting.

Guesthouse in Baan TawaiBAAN TAWAI is surrounded by beautiful nature. However it offers more: You can see there all kind of art and furniture handicraft manufacturers and it is an ideal place to buy all sorts of decorative items for very reasonable prices. Small travel groups up to 6 persons who are looking for the unusual can rent Noppadol’s in local Lanna-Style decorated guesthouse completely, if not occupied by sculptor workshops. Rental for the guesthouse having 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with warm water, kitchen and free WiFi, incl. breakfast for all: 1-3 persons 350 Baht/guest/day, 4-6 persons 250 Baht/guest/day.

How to travel: You can choose individually how to come there. Connecting flights from Bangkok to Chiangmai and later on to Koh Samui or Phuket can bee booked already in advance at home or any Thai Domestic Airport.
time, weather, Baht-exchangerate The "One-Two-Go"-Airline f.e. offers domestic flights to any destination for app. 2,000 Thai Baht. (For Thai-Baht exchange rate click clock left side.) The sleeper nighttrain from Bangkok to Chiangmai (900 km) is leaving every day in the afternoon. Tickets about 800 Baht, booking direct at the counters inside BKK Huanlangphong Railway Station, or at any travel agency. If giving Noppadol arrival time in advance, he or his wife Chanpen will pick you up at the airport or trainstation of Chiangmai. Noppadol’s mobile phone number is +66 (0)992716365.
And if interested: Some more travel tips for Thailand can be found here.
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