Nopradol Khamlae, wood sculptor
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Dear Mr. Khamlae, World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) and International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) are very pleased to invite you to be our participant in the Woodcarving Show program and guest to 2016 World Wood Day event. It will take place at Nepal Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 19th - 26th March in celebration of the theme "Nature & Culture". The WWDF and IWCS will provide you the full sponsorship for the coverage of flight tickets, meals and accommodation during the event period. World Wood Day is an annual celebration on March 21st advocated to raise public awareness of the importance and goodness of wood, and how wood plays as a key role in a sustainable future.
The 2016 World Wood Day event will be a week-long grand event on 19th - 25th March in Kathmandu, Nepal, including symposium, woodcraft event woodcarving, woodturning, and young adult furniture making invitational, folk art workshops, wooden music performance, wood architecture, children’s event, tree planting, tour and exhibition. Both international and Nepalese participants all together from more than 100 countries and regions will highlight the cultural value and contribute their talents for the 2016 World Wood Day in Nepal. We cordially look forward to welcoming you in Kathmandu.
Yours Sincerely, Howard Rosen and Mike Wen. January 25th, 2016

World Wood Day (WWD) is a cultural event celebrated annually on March 21st to highlight wood as an eco-friendly and renewable biomaterial and to raise awareness on the key role wood plays in a sustainable world through biodiversity and forest conservation. Furthermore, this unique celebration will remind humans of the importance and true value of wood and its responsible use. The first official public WWD celebration was held in Tanzania in 2013 under the theme "A Cultural Approach to Achieve Wood is Good." 2014 WWD examined the concept "Wood in a Changing Culture" and was held in China. Several regional celebrations were also held during 2014 WWD. The 2015 WWD international celebration was held in Turkey under the theme "Wood & Humanity" to rediscover and recognize the contribution and beauty of wood as well as recall the rethink its significance in contemporary society.

More you can see on WorldWoodDay-website and YouTube

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